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The SRI GLOBAL CLUB is a quality investor club based on the values ​​of SRI (Social Responsibility Investments).

The club’s goal is to create investment opportunities in companies that have growth potential, value enhancement and making them market leaders while acquiring and implementing SRI values.

The club combines interesting investment opportunities for experienced private investors (angels) with business experience, institutional investors and investment bankers who can provide financial, strategic and business insights for companies ranging from companies in the initial stages, growth companies interested in developing into new markets and companies that need cash flow for growth.

The club is a quality community of diverse investors interested in investing individually or as a group from growth companies to real estate transactions while being exposed to groundbreaking and unique business opportunities that provide a personal encounter with companies, investors with the same area of ​​interest interested in investing as a group.


The club provides its members with exposure to investments at various levels of risk in the fields of technology, health, transportation, energy, security, cyber, real estate and more.

The club allows its members to create a diversified real estate portfolio, each according to their interests, with high chances of success in relation to the level of risk.

The club is not an investment fund and does not manage members’ money. The members build an independent investment portfolio on their own, perform the required due diligence themselves and decide whether to invest together or separately from the rest of the members.

Club membership

The club includes businessmen, senior executives, board chairmen, senior executives, entrepreneurs, high-tech professionals, lawyers, accountants and other freelancers, who are interested in investing independently or along with other club members sharing their same interests.

Membership in the club is free of charge. The paid membership for the Premium Forum will provide an access to social and professional events that are intended for the highly experienced investors.

As part of building the quality community, we hold various social activities both with the spouse, events as hospitality evenings, networking meetings, dinners with entrepreneurs, professional meetings, weekends, trips and more.

What makes us unique?

The club finds quality investments in professionalism and creativity for its members – the club is not an investment fund and does not manage the members’ money.

The club operates through an investment committee whose members have extensive experience in management and investments that performs quality and professional screening.

The Investment Committee does not act as an advisory committee only – its members participate in the various investments significantly. An investment is directed to all members of the club, but it is explicitly specified in each investment whether one of the members of the investment committee has expressed an interest in the investment.

Each qualified investor / group of qualified investors executes the investment agreement individually after examining the investment themselves and choosing it according to their personal interests and level of risk.

The remuneration of the management team is based on the success of the investments.

The Club Services

  • Investor meetings
  • Assisting companies in growth while providing professional and strategic guidance and bringing the company to the investment stage, while providing a complete solution to its needs.
  • Accompanying real estate transactions in Israel and abroad.
  • Accompanying mergers and acquisitions in Israel and abroad.
  • Introduction to owners, chairman of the board, CEOs, senior executives and top entrepreneurs.
  • Access to a variety of groundbreaking Impact-owned transactions.
  • Building a quality and professional group of investors in order to achieve good results together.
  • Networking creation.

The Team

Nir Zichlinskey

CPA – Founder / CEO

Chairman of SRI GLOBAL GROUP (Investment, Consulting and Training Group), industrialist and shareholder in factories in the fields of plastics, packaging, aluminum, etc. Acquisition and growth enhancement of companies, consulting from vision and strategy creation through the accompanying of the business and organizational processes in companies, including production lines, pricing, operations, finance, etc. 

Nir is one of the founders of the Israel Directors Association.

Nir has vast business experience in leading companies, including serving as Deputy CEO, Business Development and Finance at Arison Holdings and Arison Investments.

Served as a senior executive partner in the accounting firm BDO Ziv Haft and director of the professional department at Somekh Chaikin KPMG. 

Serves and has served as a director or chairman of a board of directors in various public and private companies, including Bank Hapoalim, Sheach Medical, Westdale, Sela Logistics, Shikun and Binui, the Salt Industries of Israel, Gaon Holdings, Avigdor David, Athena and more.

Michal Mor Kopel


CEO of the Israel Directors’ Association. Social entrepreneur and partner in Assist-ant, a company based on AI solutions. Member of the Board of Directors of the Israel-Croatia Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Directors of the Arab Economic Forum and active in building business relations between Arab society and Jewish society.

Prof. Ehud Davidson

Biomed Domain

Prof. Dodson is an expert in internal medicine. He has been one of the top executives in the health care system for the past 30 years. He is the recent former CEO of Clalit – the largest health organization in Israel and one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Eyal Sarab

CPA – Consultants Domain

Eyal held a number of positions in the field of auditing in leading firms and a management position in companies. Served for about 13 years as Deputy Head of the Accounting Department at the Ono Academic Campus under Prof. Yaron Zelicha, CPA. The academic campus is one of the largest institutions in the country for accounting.

Researches with Prof. Zelicha in the fields of corruption, international trade and entrepreneurship.

Dafna Walfert

Real Estate Domain

Consultant in the field of commercial and business real estate. Director of public and private companies in the fields of real estate and finance.

Extensive experience in acquisitions and mergers of companies and in the field of real estate in investment transactions, entrepreneurship, acquisition groups and complex rental transactions of thousands of meters.

Hayim Cohen

Financial Domain

Hayim has an extensive experience in general management and credit risk management, as chairman, director, CEO and senior manager in banks, insurance company, public and private companies, institutional bodies and consulting and support companies in the financial field.

Assi Zichlinski

Technology Domain

Assi has over 20 years of experience in senior and C level positions in technology companies, both successful startups and corporates. A former investment banker and corporate consultant with an extensive knowledge of technological aspects. Assi is an 8153 veteran, the elite technology unite of the intelligence corps.

Shmuel Ben Tovim

Fintech Domain

President of the Israeli fintech community. He also manages the innovation community at Fintech, in which the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Innovation Authority, the Financial Regulators and the Digital Israel Headquarters are partners. Director of Koret Funds for Economic Development. Chairman of the Israel-Malta Chamber of Commerce.

Sigal Hillel

Investor Relations Domain

Entrepreneur, founder, and manager of a social network of influencers and social leaders. Master in social networks, with vast experience in connecting businessmen at various levels and finding the right connections for them, for making transactions and business engagements.

Liat Feig-Neuwirth

Attorney and CPA - Investor Relations Domain

Liat specializes in accompanying, advising and planning transactions, representing and managing proceedings for the tax authorities, as well as providing complex opinions and ongoing advice to public and private companies, financial institutions and non-profit institutions.

Lian Goldstein

Financial expert and member of the club's M&A team

CPA, CFO, mentor and director of traded companies.

Business experience:

Serves and has served as CFO at a variety of leading companies: Johnson & Johnson, Magal Security Systems, Lee Cooper, Blue Bird, CWT Digital and EY.

Founder and CEO of boutique firm for outsourcing financial management services for companies. The firm provides financial management, controling, bookkeeping and payroll services to a variety of startups and small and medium-sized companies.

Consultant and mentor for CFO’s, CEO’s and entrepreneurs.


Serves and has served as a director with financial expertise in various public companies, including: Ilex Medical, Analyst, Brill Group,Shagrir, MRP Investments, Eltek, Goal Partners and User Trend.



Member of the founding mentor team on behalf of the CFO Forum

Member of the Committee for Women in the Association of Directors (IDO)

Mentor at WOMAN2WOMAN program in 8200 – Alumni Association.

 He is currently involved in initiating, advising and locating investments for individuals and institutional entities, as well as a partner in the Vega Hedge Fund.

Gilad Cohen

Expert in preventing money laundering, terrorist financing and security

Entrepreneur and pre seed investor, strategic technology consultant, and founding partner in various companies.

Director of several companies, with over 16 years of experience in Minstery of Defense and the Israeli Police.Gilad posess a profund knowledge and understanding in world of technology, building different dedicated systems to deal with threat provention , in the realm of money laundering, terrorist funds, and more.

Gilad initiated the establishment of the Israeli Security and Cyber Companies Association (ISBU) which envisioned assisting and strengthening inter-cooperation between the security and cyber industries of Israel and the global market.

Michal Marom Brickman

Investment Committee

Michal has professional experience as CFO of large companies and business experience as an investor, entrepreneur, and leader of collaborations between companies. Serves as a director in a large number of Israeli and international companies, in various fields.

Yossi Lahad

Investment Committee

Entrepreneur / CEO / Chairman of private and public technology companies, some of which have been acquired by multinational companies. Investor and former member of the Investment Committee of a Venture Capital Fund.

Kobi Hazan

Investment Committee

Founder and managing partner of the Amida Fund – one of the leading hedge funds in Israel with a specialization in long-short equity. Served as a consultant to the research company Frost and Sullivan.

He was on the board of the Israel Hedge Funds Association, and also served as an Investment Manager at Investment Analys

Kobi Nimkowski

Investment Committee

Kobi has an extensive experience of over 23 years in investments and the capital market and extensive experience as a director in various public and private companies. Among his previous positions, he served as Chief Investment Officer at Ilanot Discount and as CEO of Alumot Investment House.

He is currently involved in initiating, advising and locating investments for individuals and institutional entities, as well as a partner in the Vega Hedge Fund.

Zion Osmo

Investment Committee and Mergers and Acquisitions Domain

Zion has professional experience in international investments with a proven track record in investing, distributing and leading transactions in a variety of companies and ventures in Israel and abroad.

Served and serves on boards of directors, including Tamir Fishman’s mutual fund company.

Application to join - SRI GLOBAL CLUB

The group is intended for qualified or experienced investors, you can apply to join using the form below, or by invitation from an existing community member

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